Habot Steel Company Provides U.S. Domestic, Certified Plate Steel in a Variety of Grades & Thicknesses

Habot Steel Company, Inc. has for more than 50 years provided quality prime domestic steel plate for our customers within a 1/16″ tolerance of their requested dimensions. We inventory a wide range of plate steel grades and thicknesses to provide friendly, cost-efficient, and short lead time plate processing.

The business originated at our current location, 1180 Fahs Street, York, PA in 1961. We were founded by Harry and Hazel Bottomley, who combined letters from their names to come up with “Habot.”

Although the founders of the business are no longer with us, the culture of quality and family remain a cornerstone of what makes us different from our competitors.

Processing Equipment & Capabilities

These are examples of the equipment we use to provide customers with high quality steel plate to their specifications:

plasma cutter

Hypertherm HD Plasma Cutter

  • Processing of Carbon plate up to 1″ thick
  • Processing of Stainless Steel up to 2″ thick
  • Processing of Aluminum plate & other specialty materials

oxy fuel cutting station

ESAB Avenger Series Oxy-Fuel Cutting Station

  • Processing of Carbon plate up to 10″ thick
  • CAD operated control system
  • 5 torch heads for efficient cutting of large quantities


Wyomissing Hydraulic Shear

  • Ability to shear material up to 120″ wide
  • Ability to shear up to 1/2″ thick mild steel

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